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Alternative and Innovative education for Teens and Young Leaders

AQ Lab: 

- shares with experience, knowledge and skills, which are called “top soft skills and knowledge of future” with teenagers and young specialist. Unprecedented education.

- mentors are not educators or psychologist, they are experienced and professional mentors. They have  both an International and Kazakhstan experience. Our mentors are charismatic and inspired with a great professional leadership experience and qualities.

- modules based on formulating the local and global perspectives, cooperative  team vs independent work and  strategic thinking skills through unique and innovative approaches,  such as group work, performance and practical role plays.

- convenient location, well- modern equiped learning environment in the center of the city.

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Robert D. Manson

Effective English Writing

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Raushan Mombekova

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Talgat Sariyev

Time management

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Sofiya Zhylkaidarova

Conflict Management

Public Speaking

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Abay Aldabergenov

Customer focus

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Dias Abdimaulen

Psychology of influence

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Yerkin Yrys

Nonverbal communication

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Dinara Ucubassova

Effective English Writing skills

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David Blackmore

Personal and Career development

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Karlygash Aldebekova

Emotional intellect

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